The church in Naverstad , Bullaren.

Naverstad and Mo parishes have excellent church archives

In the archives you can find books concerning household, birth, baptism, marriage, moving, death, and burial from 1688 through today.

Our work began with going through all of the moving books. All Swedes moving to America were noted in a register, and also there are books of non-existence that were researched. This work was done by Kajsa Erixson and has been the basis for our work.

The number of emigrants moving from Bullaren is quite large considering the size of the area. About 2.500 people asked for a moving-certificate. A lot of people moved to Norway, and we believe they went to the US from there. There are also many that just left without any papers or signing in the church books.  The reasons for leaving are many. Poverty, many children that you couldn’t support, perhaps you did something you shouldn’t, and of course all these letters from family and friends in the US telling you about the glory land were among the reasons.

The church in Mo , Bullaren.

Fagerhults chapel, Bullaren.